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5 reasons nobody cares about your album

There are plenty of reasons a band’s music isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Some are entirely out of the band’s control and some can...

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HAIM, The Darkness video director shares his most memorable moments

By Warren Fu

Warren Fu is one of the world’s most decorated music video directors.

Checked Label Services | WJO announces international expansion


Local independently owned and operated country music labels, Checked Label Services | WJO Australia, are expanding into America and Canada in July.

The most viewed YouTube channel in the world is a music label


With over 1.

Jimmy Barnes announces his second autobiography, ‘Working Class Man’


Jimmy Barnes has revealed his second autobiography, Working Class Man, which will be published on October 23.

Apple Music’s ‘Up Next’ campaign could be a great leveller for international artists


While the unholy reach of Apple Music has its obvious downsizes, one aspect that could have very positive ramifications is their Up Next campaign, which uses the company’s reach to propel emerging artists into the spotlight.

MySpace plays dead to avoid lawsuits, BMG signs Fergie, and more


Here’s all the music industry news you need to know this morning.

Twickets launches in Aus, sets sights on the US and Europe


Having been the cause of bubbling outrage among concert promoters in Australia, and the world, for over a decade now, the secondary ticketing business may have just met its match locally with the launch of fan-to-fan platform Twickets.

Leaked Facebook contract outlines unsettling micro-targeting, Ariana Grande suspends world tour, and more


Here’s all the music industry news you need to know this morning.

Seventh Street Media launches alt-pop music hub ‘Don’t Bore Us’

By Staff

Seventh Street Media — publishers of this fine industry publication, along with the likes of The Brag, Tone Deaf, and J Play — have just launched the Don’t Bore Us website, an expansion of the DBU social media hub.

Frontier Touring teams up with Twickets to combat scalping


Ticket scalping has to be the single biggest issue on the lips of the music industry in 2017, with an argument to be made that it’s the inevitable result of a deeply-flawed system, built around supposedly legitimate resale facilities that are in fact undermining the whole touring industry.