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#meNOmore: An Open Letter to the Australian Music Industry

TRIGGER WARNING: This Open Letter contains stories involving mental health, trauma, sexual assault and/or violence which may be distressing to readers. In recent weeks, as...

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Grow My Music

Write your next hit single at the Grow My Music Writing Holiday

By Staff

Spend five nights away with some of Australia’s best hit song writers and potentially write your next hit single, whilst enjoying a holiday on the beach.

Zuckerberg and his futuristic army

What on earth is Zuckerberg planning to do in music?


Facebook have just hired another big name music industry executive, again poaching a main player from Warner Music Group.

Top Industry Tweets of 2017


TIO’s Top Industry Tweet, affectionately known as the TIT, is arguably one of the most prestigious accolades a music industry professional could receive.

chelsea wolfe US folk singer songwriter black and white

International bands cancel Australian tours following Life Is Noise fallout


Warning: This article contains stories involving sexual misconduct which may be distressing to readers.

Turnbull 80s

LPA push Turnbull to properly support the live performance sector


If there is one thing that keeps the heady world of rock and roll chugging along, it is budget submissions.

Op-Ed: Four steps to fight ticket fraud


Ticket scalping is currently the biggest threat to Australia’s live music industry.

Australian promoter Dave Cutbush fired


Warning: This article contains stories involving sexual misconduct which may be distressing to readers.

Australian flag pool

Moments that rocked the Australian music industry in 2017

By The Industry Observer


Ed Sheeran superimposed upon some concert tickets

Forged Ed Sheeran tickets have landed an Aussie tourist in jail


We’re already aware of how ridiculous the ticket resale market can be, which is why numerous companies have done all they can to combat scalping and resale sites from preying on the unwitting consumer.

Futurama court

Spotify and Deezer accuse Apple of anti-competitive practices


Mirroring the East Coast/West Coast hip hop battles of the mid ’90s, Spotify and Deezer have teamed up against Apple, asking EU regulators to halt what they claim are anti-competitive practices.