What is the fear with women at the top? A special episode with Leanne de Souza

“We’re not alone in any of this. It’s not as if the music industry exists in a vacuum and we’ve got all these structural problems. They’re broader than that, they’re broader in creative industries, they’re broader in society, there’s the cultural context, all of that. “[The music industry has] been...

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The Brisbane live music scene will be protected for at least 1,000 years

“The music scene is that fragile, it could easily turn into nothing. It could all just disappear. The value of land in the inner city is now more than music venues can pay. So someone has to go in there, buy [property that will] become music venues, and take a...

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lord mayor clover moore on the industry observer podcast apra amcos

Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore

“The Chair of the Australian Hotels Association famously said in opposition to my legislation, ‘no one in Sydney wanted to sit in a bar, drink Chardonnay and read a history book’.” In Episode #6 of The Industry Observer Podcast presented by APRA AMCOS, we chat to Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore....

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Fear At The Top: Damian Costin, 123 Agency

“They’re a massively successful, girl-fronted, commercial group that we look after. When they came to us – a good friend had brought them to us – and at the time they had lost their management “We were almost to the point where we were lending them money so they could...

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peter noble fear at the top

Fear At The Top: Peter Noble

CEO of Seventh Street Media Luke Girgis interviews heads of companies in the music industry about how they got to where they are, as well as all the mistakes they’ve made, and what they’ve learned from running their hugely successful companies. In Episode #5 of Fear At The Top, Girgis...

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Inside the world of Jen Cloher: Label co-operator and self-managed artist

Poppy Reid chats to Jen Cloher, the Melbourne musician, songwriter, record label co-operator, and founder of workshop series I Manage My Music. Jen popped into the APRA AMCOS offices in Sydney to talk about the importance of building a community around your business and how to do it, why it...

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fear at the top michael chugg podcast black and white

Fear At The Top: Michael Chugg

“Most acts after a year with Live Nation are looking for a way out. Ask Madonna.” CEO of Seventh Street Media Luke Girgis interviews heads of companies in the music industry about how they got to where they are, as well as all the mistakes they’ve made, and what they’ve...

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he Industry Observer Podcast presented by APRA AMCOS jennie sager

Jennie Sager, Twitter’s Head of Entertainment, Asia Pacific

“Our video views have increased by 225%, so we know that [our users] just want more and more video content […] In the almost three years that I’ve been at Twitter this is by far one of the most exciting times to be here.” For Episode #4 of The Industry Observer...

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A Conversation About Mental Health in Music

“Without being able to publicly talk about it at the time, that nearly ended my career or our band’s career, perhaps, when we were writing our second album. And I kind of, was not in a very good place.” According to research by Entertainment Assist, the rate of attempted suicide in...

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Close up of Heath Johns from BMG with Fear At The Top writing block letters

Fear At The Top: Heath Johns, BMG Australia & New Zealand

“Say you have an artist and they’re doing a $50,000 development deal, and the publisher signs that deal without a real strategy of how they’re going to create opportunities for that writer. Some publishers, I think it’s fair to say, will go out and collect the revenues that that artist or...

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