iTunes Store Web Producer


Sydney, NSW (Full Time)


iTunes Store Web Producer

Sydney, NSW (Full Time)

The Job

We’re looking for a self-starter to join us at iTunes as a Featured Content Publisher. Working side-by-side with creative, editorial, localisation, and technical teams, this candidate owns the weekly assembly of various store components through to the publishing of the worldwide iTunes Store on desktop, AppleTV, and mobile devices.

Responsibilities for this global store include ongoing quality assurance, updates, and maintaining the integrity of the store. This candidate must be comfortable working independently and reporting to a remote management team.


Assembly of content, design, editorial, and UI elements to compile the iTunes stores worldwide. Interfacing with project managers, engineers and creative teams to escalate changes and revisions to our internal tools as well as the customer-facing store, making sure the Featured Content team has a voice and is aware of all upcoming changes and any subsequent impact on tools and processes.

Working with various teams (design, UI, programming, editorial, producers) both in Cupertino, and around the world, to set and enforce deadlines and timelines regarding iTunes content and upcoming launches.


  • Experience with web-based content management systems.
  • Experience working with creative and technical teams demonstrating excellent coordination skills, with both a sense of humour and purpose.
  • Ability to logistically troubleshoot and follow-up on store or tool errors, with a bigger picture mindset and confidence to prioritise the escalation of issues.
  • Ability to set expectations both within and outside of the team regarding deadlines, the importance of adhering to strict procedural timetables and negotiate new expectations should things go awry.
  • Ability to multitask and adapt when necessary.
  • Ability to critically analyse workflow and process, suggesting improvements based on key learnings.
  • Willingness to step-in and help other departments when needed, whilst maintaining a high daily production standard.


Degree preferred

Additional Requirements

E-commerce experience. Ability to grasp new-to-you software at a rapid pace. Knowledge of HTML/CSS a plus. Passion for digital content/media and music.

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