City of Sydney's Live/Work spaces

Sydney’s Live/Work Spaces program is the lifeline creatives need right now


In 2013, the City of Sydney launched its creative live/work residency program, where artists are offered subsidised rent on inner-city properties that they usually would not have the means to afford.


Your guide to decoding press releases and PR emails


As intrepid journalists working in today’s music media, we tend to receive a number of press releases spruiking bands, tours, and indie darlings each day.

2018 music industry predictions

2018 music industry predictions from the Australian pros

By Staff

New year, new industry.

Exclusive: Amrap splits with CBAA, calls for Community Broadcasting Foundation intervention

By Lars Brandle

UPDATE: The CBAA has issued TIO a statement: “Some issues raised today relate to ongoing work that the CBAA is doing internally and with others like the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF),” reads a statement issued to TIO.

tonight alive jenna short blonde hair yellow jacket

Tonight Alive find restraint and cosmic release on ‘Underworld’

By Bianca Davino

Jenna McDougall is a figure who has constantly opted for a paradigm shift within the at times, self-loathing and pitying world of pop punk and emo.

#meNOmore: The first steps toward change in 2018

By Staff

Last week, an Open Letter was released to demand zero tolerance for sexual harassment, violence, objectification and sexist behaviour in the local music industry.


Bluesfest boss Peter Noble responds to the Kesha backlash

By Lars Brandle

As the industry winds down after another hectic year, Peter Noble and his team at Bluesfest crank the gears for another big push.

Top Industry Tweets of 2017


TIO’s Top Industry Tweet, affectionately known as the TIT, is arguably one of the most prestigious accolades a music industry professional could receive.


Here’s who will win the Hottest 100, according to the bookies


Now, considering our sister magazine The BRAG ran two quite divisive anti-racing pieces around the time of the Melbourne Cup, (one of which I wrote) you may feel it quite hypocritical for us to be doing anything at all to promote gambling.


Music played in corner stores: the next great royalty stream


Let’s say you own a fruit and veg store.