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Tonight Alive find restraint and cosmic release on ‘Underworld’

By Bianca Davino

Jenna McDougall is a figure who has constantly opted for a paradigm shift within the at times, self-loathing and pitying world of pop punk and emo.

Op-Ed: Four steps to fight ticket fraud


Ticket scalping is currently the biggest threat to Australia’s live music industry.

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Amazon Australia launches: The music industry reacts

By Lars Brandle

After months of huffing and puffing, and the odd false start, Amazon Australia is finally open for business.

The industry needs to address unconscious gender bias head-on

By Allison Gallagher

Despite the constant refrains of “is this still a thing?

Image of the Australian Independent Record Labels Association award ceremony

It’s a huge time to be an Australian indie label

By Allison Gallagher

It’s fair to say that independent labels in Australia have been making big waves over the past couple years, at a time when traditional business models are rapidly needing to adapt.

OP-ED: The Facebook algorithm doesn’t kill good content – so suck it up

By Luke Girgis

It’s easy to complain about the Facebook algorithm, that confusing, frustrating code that publishers, brands and bands live and die by.

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Why your event needs a Safer Spaces Policy

By Allison Gallagher

Working towards creating safer spaces in music is vital to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy live music without feeling threatened or uncomfortable.

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The City Of Sydney Needs You: Agent of Change proposal could boost live scene

By Lars Brandle

Sydney could bury its recent reputation as a late-night cultural graveyard, though the community will need to dig in.

ARIA awards 2017

The only 100% correct ARIA Awards predictions of 2017


It’s that time of the year.

TIO tech animation

The tech trends taking events to the next level

By Allison Gallagher

A lot has changed since the old days of seeing a poster, buying a ticket and going to see a band play a rock show.