Band and Entertainment Booker

The B.East

Brunswick East, VIC (part-time)

The B.East

Band and Entertainment Booker

Brunswick East, VIC (part-time)

Over the past 5 years The B.East in Brunswick East has established itself as a destination for awesome burgers, beers and bands.

We are looking to take the music and entertainment to the next level and we need your skills to help us build on our reputation for having great food and events with music and entertainment booking to match.

This role is part-time.

Key points for the role:

-Ability to work closely and contribute relevant input and creative ideas within a group.

-Work within a monthly budget.

-Book shows specifically to suit events including matching bands and DJs for cohesive flow.

-Be organised.

-Have previous experience dealing with contractual agreements between performers and venues.

-Extensive knowledge of the local and wider Australian music scene inclusive of all genres and a willingness to work outside ones own tastes to create a mixed bag of awesome!!! (We are an eclectic bunch).

-Adhere to all requirements set out by management.

-Ideally booker will be able to attend a lot of shows to see how different bands and vibes work within the space.

-Attend a weekly meeting with the rest of the B.East management team.

-Microsoft Office skillz! (Word and Excel).

-Report weekly to VM, 2IC on budgets with updated reports filled to show spending and budget compliance.

-Previous experience looked upon favourably.

If you feel you have what it is we are looking for please forward a resume to: