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ANIMATION: Jaddan Comerford on UNIFIED’s tipping point

Earlier this year, TIO interviewed UNIFIED Music Group Founder and CEO Jaddan Comerford, which works with globally renowned local artists including Vance Joy, Northlane and...

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taylor swift ptess shot 1989 era black dress blonde short hair

US recorded industry revenues grow in first half of 2017, Martin Garrix wins Spinning Records lawsuit, and more


Here’s all the music industry news you need to know today.

youtube preroll

YouTube boast impressive results for its six-second adverts


Advertisers really want to whack advertisements at the beginning of most video content, and viewers really wanna skip past these unscripted invasions into their Seachange-a-thon.

vance joy lay it on me 2017 press shot

Vance Joy’s ’Lay It on Me’ leads US Airplay Chart

By Lars Brandle

Phase two of Vance Joy’s career is off to a dream start.


Foo Fighters almost certain to lock in the number #1 this weekend


The past few weeks have seen a pleasing run of number ones, with the likes of Paul Kelly, QOTSA and Gangs of Youths all occupying the top spot.

Nightlife Music AFR Top 50 Awards 2017 holding award

Nightlife becomes first music company to make AFR Most Innovative Companies list


Nightlife Music, which tackles digital piracy by providing consumer music services to businesses, has been named among the Top 50 Most Innovative Australian & New Zealand Companies.


UK Music call for a Europe-wide live music passport, following Brexit


The chief executive of UK Music, Michael Dugher, has pushed for the British government to end the “uncertainty and lack of clarity” following the Brexit decision, and introduce a EU-wide live music ‘passport’ for British musicians, who need to tour freely throughout Europe.

bpi image streaming ripping piracy computer with code

IFPI Report: Piracy and copyright infringements are industry’s biggest threat

By Lars Brandle

The good news for the industry: If you’re online, there’s a strong chance you’re consuming licensed music.

the-prodigy 2017 press shot

The Prodigy signs to BMG, Spotify makes gains ion Q2, and more


Here’s all the music industry news you need to know this morning.

avril lavigne 2017 press shot laying down black dress

Avril Lavigne and Bruno Mars are the “most dangerous celebrities” online


When Avril Lavigne announced she was working on a new record, the pop star could have never preempted it would lead to her becoming the most dangerous artist online.

Gig tickets

This music venue has just introduced ‘scalper-proof’ tickets


As the industry continues to look for a solution to rising ticket scalping, London’s Islington Assembly Hall believes it has an answer to the problem as it shifts to a digital-only, mobile-based ticketing system that can, in theory, wipe out scalping.