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We go behind the scenes at one of the best booking agencies in Australia

Booking agencies are a hugely important part of any artist’s career, and 123 Agency have been one of the ascendant figures in the industry over...

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Twitter blue tick

Twitter is beginning a blue-tick massacre


As the old adage goes: Verified today, blue-tick gone tomorrow.

Logic at the MTV VMAs

The power of music: a song becomes a ‘watershed moment’ in suicide prevention


Logic’s hit single ‘1-800-273-8255’ is a thoughtful and important treatise about how suicide is, as the slogan goes, a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Neil Young

Neil Young is releasing his entire archive of recordings for free


Neil Young is weeks away from launching one of the most complete archival services in musical history.

Jack White’s unlikely, unwise leap into the headphones game


Jack White loves Record Store Day.

An open letter to artists looking for a publishing deal

By Gary Seeger

With over 25 years experience in the music and film industries, Gary Seeger has had his fair share of publishing wins for acts like Powderfinger and Nick Cave and films like The Sapphires and Wolf Creek 2.

united masters

Google’s parent company to take on record labels with startup

By Lars Brandle

Alphabet, the parent of Google, is funnelling a chunk of its considerable cash reserves into UnitedMasters, a U.

Adam Briggs, one of the nominees for the 2017 Screen Music Awards

Flume, Briggs among GQ Award winners, Global royalty collections hit record high, and more


Here’s all the music industry news you need to know today.

King Gizz

King Gizz are releasing a copyright-free album that anyone can press and sell


The type of band that puts out four full-length albums in a calendar year doesn’t care too much for traditional release schedules.

The Rubens performing at the Hordern Pavilion

Invitation for EOI announced to operate iconic Sydney venue


The future of live music at Sydney’s iconic Hordern Pavilion is safe following an invitation for expressions of interviews in the Australian Financial Review.


To sign or not to sign: Are record deals really the best thing for musicians?

By Belinda Quinn

The record label’s role in the industry has shifted since the ‘80s and ‘90s; where once there were six major players, just Sony, Warner and Universal are left.