beck colors era black and white press shot

Album of the Week: Beck, Colors

By Joseph Earp

The word “pop” is as reductive as they come, so there’s no use talking about Beck’s new record Colours, out now, as though it is the sound of the sonic chameleon selling out to the mainstream, or giving in to pop conventions – although you can bet that’s what some critics will jump to call it.

Jess-Scully councillor

This Councillor has a bold vision for Sydney’s creative industry


There is an old, time-honoured adage: those who cannot do, teach; and those who cannot teach, legislate.

Matt Boylan-Smith live onstage with guitar black and white

Matt Boylan-Smith on the moment he stopped dabbling and embraced his ambition

By Brandon John

Brett Cottle, CEO of APRA and AMCOS; Dan Rosen, CEO of ARIA and PPCA; and LPA’s Kim Tran, Director, Policy & Programs

Industry chiefs Brett Cottle, Dan Rosen, Kim Tran talk biz at Music Roundtable

By Lars Brandle

The health of the Australian music industry was prodded and probed for the “state of the industry” session at the Contemporary Music Roundtable in Sydney, a session which featured three key players in the music biz.

black and white pic of tickets scalping secondary market

Op-Ed: Tickets should be viewed as a licence, not a commodity

By Danny Hannaford

While the vitriol surrounding scalping and the secondary market is at an all-time high, perhaps a reeducation is needed about what a ticket means in the current music industry landscape, and more importantly, what it should mean.

aussie music industry expats in UK

5 Aussie expats crushing it in the UK music industry


Australian expats are achieving incredible things for the music industry from the UK.

richard mallett head of revenue at APRA AMCOS press shot in suit jacket and white shirt

Op-Ed: APRA AMCOS’ Richard Mallett talks playlists, industry mistakes, and how to avoid them


APRA AMCOS’ Head of Revenue Richard Mallett has penned an opinion piece for TIO readers on the state of the music industry, covering the rise of the curated mega-playlists, the biggest mistakes the music industry is making, and his suggestions on how best to move forward given the benefit of hindsight.

simpsons screen shot writers panel

Gender inequality is alive and thriving across conference speaker lineups… Here’s the proof

By Lars Brandle

The music industry has long perpetuated an image of a boy’s club.

photo collage ed sheeran taylor swift justin bieber

How will the Australian record labels round out 2017?


With fourth quarter earnings results just around the corner and the ARIA Awards in close sight, let’s take a look at the Australian major label landscape and see how its players are shaping up for year end.

tash sultana black and white seated on studio floor 2017

Tash Sultana takes on the world, preps debut album

By Lars Brandle

Meteoric, warp-speed, stratospheric.